Monday, January 24, 2011

The Farmer goes to the City!

Yesterday, Sunday, was The Farmer's day off! (He works 20 days and then gets a day where there are no chores, except the stuff at home) After emptying the dishwasher, doing a load of his own wash and shovelling the walk we headed off to the big city.

So what does a Farmer do in the city? He goes to see a play about rural life. We went to see Rod Beattie perform in 'Wingfield, Lost and Found'. It's all about a stock broker who moves to the country to live the simple life as a farmer. We first saw the first of this series performed by the same actor when The Boy was still 'The Baby'. Even after 20 years he does this one man show perfectly. His characters are fabulous. The best part is that everyone of his neighbours are more or less like some of ours, maybe just like us? The best line in the play: "'Belted Galloway" that's the breed that looks like an oreo cookie, do you eat the middle first?" or something like that.

On the way there and maybe even on the way back we may have dropped into a yarn shop or 2.

I finished the shawl/scarf thing that was giving me so much trouble at the first of the week. (I did take knitting with me, but left it in the car during the performance.) I did see one 'Clapotis' and a lovely 'nordic' sweater in the crowd. Pictures later.

I am trying to catch up at home, but as you can see I am putting off the dull stuff.

See You Soon.

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