Thursday, January 6, 2011

1st Week!

The Girl requested a Hood/Cowl thing for a gift for Christmas, she received 3 pattern choices. She chose this one: She then was allowed to come to the shop and choose the yarn. Her choice? Baby Alpaca Sport part of the Diamond Luxury Collection. (One of the nicest in the shop!) It took 4 skeins. After it was done we went shopping for buttons, after much deliberation we chose a selection from the button collection, vintage and added a couple of new pewter ones and this is the result.
The picture was taken very quickly yesterday, just before she and The Farmer left to take her to the train.
We also took a moment to snap a shot of the mitts I made for her out of Lopi, what you can't see is the 'mini gloves' she wears underneath. They are 'itchy' to her, she is a Princess in more ways than one.

I miss her already.
Last night I finished a scarf, pictures later.
We are heading to the end of the first week of this new year, looks like a busy year already!
See You Soon.

I just noticed that the links won't let you get past the Ravelry main page, a good time to sign up! Then it takes you into the 'pandora's box' of knitting. Have fun! You thought facebook was fun!

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