Monday, December 13, 2010

A non knitting post:

4 guys, 2 pails, 1 shovel and a big pile of spilled grain. The Boy is in this video, he doesn't read the blog so I am safe to post it. This was his big adventure last year. The crew owner is the guy in the striped shirt, he doesn't look to pleased with whoever was responsible for making the pile, but they cleaned it up and things were up and running again pretty quick. (They are putting the grain back into the combine to be reprocessed.)

Stuff happens with every job!

I went into the shop today a few surprised customers came in, ordered some new patterns and the 'square circulars' could be in by the end of the week!

See you soon.

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Bonni said...

The little square double pointed needles are awesome! They are my faves now for socks. Who knew some physics nerd would figure out that square needles are less likely to bend?