Friday, June 4, 2010

What every parent wants to hear!

A message was left at the house: "Could 'the Boy' contact the school when he gets this message?". The Boy calls the school, leaves a message that he called, they call back, leaving a message, wondering why he called.

The course he is taking is a math course that is required to get into the University program that he has been accepted into. (We have had many issues with this course, he couldn't take it during highschool, he was away last summer and most of the fall on his big adventure ) If he doesn't receive the credit for the course he can't go to School in the fall. The message has brought out the MOM in me and I am worried about the reason for the unscheduled call.

This morning I call, because I am a MOM. Turns out they are questioning one of the marks on his assignments because his final mark is too high, 103%!


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