Saturday, June 12, 2010


It's been a up and down week here at Soper Creek. (Go with the flow kinda thing!..'Creek' get it!)

1. Helmet liners are coming in, they look amazing, we still need more. Great way to try out the softness of the Cascade 220. (Helmet liner projects are $5.00 each!) Running a little fundraiser if you would like to donate money to have one of my 35 knitters knit one up for you instead!

2. Ordered a bunch of stuff for fall, great new yarns, fabulous new needles (outside the box fabulous!).

3. Getting ready for the Sidewalk sale next Thursday. Selected yarns will be priced at clearance prices.

4. This morning I decided to do a World Wide Knit in Public event on Friday evening from 4pm - 8 pm. Roses, the coffee shop next door will be open and we can knit outside on the sidewalk, or inside the shop or the cafe!

5. Our Insurance agent is coming on Monday to inspect the house! (the whole house!)

Lots to do...

See you Tuesday.

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