Saturday, November 21, 2009

What a week!

A lot of ups and downs this week, mostly good things...

#1: My friend Gwen went to the Royal to have some fun by entering in the drop spindle competition. She came home with this:

Second prize..the yarn she created was entered into the Auction and someone purchased her small skein. She gets to keep the ribbon and the bragging rights! Well done.

#2: Went searching for snowflakes for the window and found what I needed.

#3: The bad thing that turned out to be good. Involved the Boy his leg and a 'B train' trailer. A trip to the hospital where they are probably still shaking their heads in disbelief 'I can't believe its not broken!' The next day he was back driving a truck. Must have been all that Jersey milk growing up. (Soft ground, steel toed boots and lots of layers too!)

#4: Cheryl a daughter of a friend and proficient knitter just produced a lovely sock pattern. On Ravelry its called Pink Promise Sock..check it out

Only 34 sleeps till the big day!

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