Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Once upon a time

Once upon a time, 25 years ago, a young handsome farmer married the local shop girl. A quiet evening wedding on a warm November Day. For a few years they lived together in the little wooden house surrounded by trees. He milked the cows, planted the crops and harvested grain. She worked in the local yarn shop. Then came the Girl, followed by the Boy a few years later. He continued milking the cows, planting the crops and harvesting grain as she minded the children and worked part time. Children grew and there were Brownies and Guides, Cubs and Scouts; baseball, soccer and slow pitch; music lessons, 4-H, swimming lessons, choir, band and school plays.

For better or worse, richer and poorer in sickness and in health the family flourished. Children grew up and became independent (darn it!). So together the farmer and the shop girl created a new venture to add to the story. The Fairy Tale continues.

Happy Anniversary to us!

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Paula said...

Happy Anniversary Tina!!!