Monday, February 9, 2009

Yarn Competition!

You've been asking about the Yarn Competition I have advertised. I wanted to keep it a secret but I have decided to let those in blog land to get a sneek peak at what I have planned.

Someone thought it was to work and complete something at the shop, during the open house. Or maybe its a speed thing. (Really good idea thinking summertime, outside..see how fast you can knit!)

The assignment, should you choose to accept it, and pay the $3.00 to enter, is to create something from the colours in the picture. A ziplock bag will contain 9 colours of Shepherd 100% wool, sample size balls of about 20 yards each. You can do almost anything you want with the yarn: knit, crochet, felt, sculpt, embroider or a little of everything. You must use every colour, at least once in your project. You can purchase or use from your stash another colour or more of the same yarn to make a larger project. (There is technically enough in the ziplock baggy to make a pair of mitts or a hat.)

Projects will be judged by popular vote. Projects must be returned to the store by March 14, judging will take place the week after that and the winner will be anounced on March 21st. Projects will be returned to their creator the following week. (I will consider photo entries for those coming from a distance...)

Prizes to be awarded to a variety of categories yet to be decided.

I hope you will consider participating, I am working on a design myself.

I am madly winding tiny balls as we speak!

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