Friday, February 20, 2009

Rememebering Jean

It's been a more normal week here at Soper Creek Yarn. No big shipments, no new fun things, just nice visits with all my new friends. Oh yes, and my first knitting class! I can't believe how hard it is to teach something that to me is like walking, breathing or eating. But we had fun, and I hope everyone is spending lots of time knitting on their first dish cloth.

A few posts back I promised I would tell you a little about the 'Women of Rickaby's'. This week my friend Jean would have celebrated her Birthday. I am not sure how old she would have been, it doesn't really matter anyway. Jean was extraordinary and every time I see the colour yellow I think of her. Jean was a sunny, bright woman filled with love and light. Life threw Jean many Lemons, with those lemons Jean made lemonade and squares! She took things in stride and always knew that things would turn around with a little or a lot of Faith.

Lunch time at Rickaby's would be spent knitting, mostly socks. I thought back then how could they spend all this time making socks on those little needles, they knew the secret about socks, and smiled probably thinking: 'She will learn in her own time!'. Jean always managed to get the chair that was opposite to the stove in the tiny kitchen. On cold days in that old building she would open the oven door, turn the electric oven to a low temperature and sit with her feet resting on the oven door. It makes me smile every time I think of her sitting there becoming toasty warm.

I was privileged to receive a quilt that belonged to Jean, its yellow and hangs in our spare room. I look at this lovely yellow quilt and think of Jean and somehow everything becomes a little sunnier.

Happy Birthday, Jean.

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Ann of Green Cables said...

What an uplifting story about your friend Jean. I can picture the scene of her sitting with her feet getting all toasty. How fortunate that you have a quilt that was crafted by her.
Good to hear that the knitting class went well. I hope to be able to come in to the store in March, when my schedule allows, to check out what's new. Bye for now, Mar