Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Updates and Info!

A snowy day here in Bowmanville. I've shovelled the sidewalk 3 times today. Customers have plowed their way here. The store is in a bit of a mess, I bought 2 new Ikea units to fill with more yarn...then I bought more yarn!

I am thinking about a 'grand opening weekend event', time to sign up for the lessons I am still planning and to give away the door prizes I have collected from suppliers. I think that if I plan to the event last 3 days one day will be nice enough for people to drive here. (The weather this time of the year is so unpredictable.) So far I am aiming for January 22 - 24th, depending on a supplier and possible trunk show!

I ordered a selection of Addi turbo needles, and planning some other new and interesting lines.

I will keep you posted.

If you are coming by on Friday (January 9th) ...come after 11 am. (Medical appointment may take longer than planned!)

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