Sunday, January 18, 2009

I changed my mind...again!

Technically the store is not really ready, windows are still under construction and electrical guys are coming tomorrow to put up some fixtures! This is my first window...its too cold to take it from outside.

For those of you who know Bowmanville, Rick and Carole Gould, the owners of Gould's Cards and Gifts have sold their business and it is now called Quilter's Boutique. (The space I am renting right now was Rick Gould's photo shop 25 years ago.) Rhonda and I are planning 'Grand opening events' that will happen on February 12, 13, and 14. If you are a knitter that quilts or a quilter that knits, you will have a lot to see that weekend.

As for me..I am in the process of collecting door prizes, coming up with an interesting 'competition' and there is a trunk show coming from a new supplier! Keep that weekend in mind and hope for good weather.

I have decided about classes! Just haven't established starting dates. Two classes to start: a very basic beginners class..called 'sticks and string' and a knitting help session, called 'rent a chair'. I will give you more details later this week.

The beginners class will involve making 3 dish cloths. Practical and not too intimidating. I am busy making samples for the class.

The shop is beginning to look like a real store everyday.
There are a few empty spaces waiting for more yarn, a small selection of Addi Turbos arrived last week and I managed to find 6 very nice chairs.
Come and visit soon. Let me know what you think!

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Gwen said...

Hi, Hon! I just wanted to say "thanks," again for letting us test out the classroom area last Friday evening.

I'm looking forward to that grand opening, too.