Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Knitting as a community?

Knitting is a solitary craft.  A person can choose to knit when and where ever they are, with in reason. It can also be a way to 'bond' with others without competing?  Runners, swimmers, bikers join forces but then it becomes a race or a competition.  Knitter's could compete but we join Knit a longs (KAL) . Sometimes we up the game and join a Mystery Knit a Long!

Hundreds and even thousands join in the fun, it's not a race, it's not a who can do the best job. We compare notes celebrate successes and commiserate with those who struggle. 

Last November I join the very popular Westknits Doodler Knit a long. It was a challenge and I enjoyed watching the results. 

Then Alana Dakos posted her Mystery Shawl Knit a long. I like her patterns and find her designs well written.  She had invited yarn shops to participate in her Knit a long by placing her pattern available for sale through the Ravelry in store pattern purchases. (Yarn shops can sell copies of the patterns available and pay for the patterns for their customers with Ravelry's help.  Customers get digital copies that can be stored in their libraries.)

A couple of weeks ago I posted the invitation to join me in this 4 week project.  There are several of us all working away at this Crescent Shawl with leaves and lace, that's all we know!

We have just one more clue to follow, it arrives on Friday.

Considering the amount of yarn I have used so far, we have only finished the first half of the project?

If you want to follow along there is a Ravelry group and forum with comments and questions and photos as we complete each section!

The Yarn industry has changed since I began working 30 something years ago.

I found this picture of a younger me winning a 'window display' competition.

Things have come along way in this industry, I really like where this is heading.  The creativity, the yarn and the way we communicate with each other is making this craft more accessible than ever!
See You Soon!

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