Sunday, January 3, 2016

How I spent my winter vacation!

So we took a few days off! Actually it worked out to 3  1/2 days that the store was closed during regular hours that weren't stat holidays? It actually gave us 10 days off in a row. The most we have taken in a row since the shop opened. 

During those 10 days:

There were 3 Christmas dinners, 

made a bed for 'The Boy's' Labrador puppy,(a Christmas gift, the bed not the Puppy!) started a quilt for 'The Girl' ,(another Christmas Gift),  finished a shop sample (more about that later), and warped the Knitter's Loom! (More about that too!)

I did finally finish a little vintage sweater for Olive.

Then 'The Farmer' and I went on a little 3 day holiday.  

I was happy when this was the card key for the first hotel, they impressed me even more when they rescued my phone charger and arranged to get it back to me!

The second hotel let me borrow a charger from the lost and found.  We caught this lovely scene as a wedding party celebrated in the snow! We ate and toured the lovely Ontario village. 

I finally started some thing I had tucked away just for me!

It will be nice to get back to normal!

The shop returns to regular hours on January 5th.

 The next time we are closed for holidays is July!

Happy 2016, may all your projects be beautiful!

See you soon!

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