Thursday, January 14, 2016


A dollar and forty two cents, that's what the exchange rate on my last shipment from Berroco cost!  That means that anything that was $10 a year ago is now $14.00!  Yikes!

We love our suppliers from the US but at some point we have to consider all the costs involved.  The orders from some will just have to wait until the Canadian Dollar bounces back (it will).

Berroco makes beautiful yarn and we will continue to order the Vintage and Vintage Chunky, the Weekend Dk and Weekend and of course Folio.  Unfortunately the prices of these will head up! 

Beginning this week you will find some slight increases, (as against my accountants warnings)  we use an average cost basis. 

We did get a new yarn from Berroco today!

Mykonos is a lovely summer yarn.  Very different for the shop.  (66% linen, 26% Nylon and 8%cotton) 

This very lovely wrap takes 5 skeins! It's huge on our skinny mannequin.

I love the texture of this Linen, nylon and cotton blend, made in Italy.

A great warm weather wrap! It makes me want to go find somewhere warm to wear it?

Still counting inventory and putting some things aside for a quick clearance sale. (Coming soon!)

Tomorrow or very soon an update on the Mystery Shawl Knit a long!  It's not too late to join us!
See you Soon!

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Sarah said...

The dollar is wrecking havoc on prices everywhere - $7.00 for a head of cauliflower?!!! Makes me rethink lots of purchases, but in a good way it also leads me to look for 'local' instead of imported. Lots of Canadian products out there that will be less impacted by the exchange rate. My Briggs and Little Mystery KAL project is case in point! I'll be looking for more Canadian yarn next time I'm in!