Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Well, that was fun!

Late on a Saturday, I was heading out of the shop and just happen to glance at the sale buckets! There looking rather shop worn were a few balls of Berroco Quasar.  It is a lovely pure Peruvian Wool, lightly plied and with a long colour run. Instantly I thought of a project.  Just what I needed, a project to take with us on holidays as I was really only working on 3 already!  This would be my just in case I run out of knitting project!

It took most of Sunday to pack up and head out, with all my knitting with in arms reach in the truck we left the Farm! I was so inspired with working with the yarn I pulled out the needles and began right away.  By the time we reached our destination I was well into the project.  

I had only taken 2 balls with me hoping it would finish the project but I needed a full ball and about 20 yards of the fourth! Mostly because I decided to attatch the handles right onto the bag, instead of making an I-cord strand to attatch later.

I threw it into the washing machine, front loader, quick wash, medium speed, hot water.  It went through the cycle twice.  It may have needed a bit more felting but I didn't want to risk over doing it the machine and was not prepared to finish it by hand.  

I think it turned out pretty well. It's a pattern I developed using various elements in other felted bag projects available on line.  
It was so much fun! I am making another with the leftover yarn from the sale bin.  Just to make a few notes and develop the pattern.

See you soon!


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