Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer in a Yarn Shop!

Let's just say that some days it's tough to keep ourselves busy in the shop during the summer.  I suppose we could spend the free time working on some samples or perhaps catching up on paperwork.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been wandering around the space and trying to come up with a better way merchandising.  I started with kijiji, it's a great place to find reasonably priced pieces of furniture.  I found some plastic shelves that have totally organized the storage space in the very back of the shop!

This week I picked up a lovely bookcase, just the right size for a little 'bookstore'.  Shifting a few pieces at the front of the shop we managed to fit everything while still avoiding light switches and alarm system keypads.

The other inspiration actually came when I was visiting another Yarn Shop last week.  They had cleverly displayed the tubes of buttons in an IKEA CD cabinet.  I have one of those, problem was that the only space it fit was right in front of an electrical outlet and plugged into that outlet was the carbon monoxide detector! What to do? Sometimes the obvious takes several minutes, or years! The detector was moved to another outlet! It took three of us to shift the big cabinet the  two inches we needed to get the cabinet to fit!

Then while I was sorting I found a display for sock yarn from several seasons ago.  It now has organized some chunky yarn into a nice tidy display?

Now there are some plans to move more things around to makes better space for the felting supplies!

That involves, slat wall paint and a couple of strong backs!

See you soon!

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