Thursday, January 1, 2015

Out with the old!

Dear 2014:

I am sorry we did not get along very well.  At times you will have to admit you were very difficult, sending people and situations into my life that were challenging and stressful.

There were happy moments. 

 The Boy had an amazing adventure as a Co-op student. He had an opportunity to work at a job that led him to many parts of the United States and Western Canada.  For me as his Mom I worried, the internet was a wonderful way to keep in touch.  He is back 'home' at school and that makes me a bit less worried, I still worry.

The Girl was able to move into a new area at her employer, it's a maternity leave fill in and she is now working in one of the prettiest jobs in Canada!

The stressful moments involved The Farmer and a new piece of equipment we installed. We spent most of the summer trying to convince the manufacturer that the fault lies within the equipment.  They blamed everything else. (Cows, water, feed, barn all the things that were in place before the new equipment arrived.)  Finally we proved that they were mistaken and now we are waiting to have a new system installed.  Once it's up and running we can never discuss it!  (Legal stuff)

I learned a lot through this ordeal; how to spell 'pseudomonas'; the staff at the University of Guelph Lab services are amazing; we have wonderful  friends and neighbours.

It seemed as if 2014 was filled with complications, everything took 5 more steps than needed to get accomplished.

This year we replaced the furnace and air conditioning, hot water tank, stove, computers, internet services and an emergency purchase of a very large piece of farm equipment. 

So, 2014, it is time you and I parted ways, I know you were leaving anyway but as the saying goes: don't let the front door hit you on the way out!




Sarah said...

Happy New Year! It feels like we are all ready for 2015 to be different than 2014. I think that starting with an ice storm, enduring a brutal winter, and a not-so-hot summer left everyone (or at least me!) wondering where the silver lining was in the cloud that felt like the year. Turning to a new year means new possibilities... and new yarn! Looking forward to what lies ahead!

Linda said...

I just discovered your blog! Immediately I thought of Ann Voskamp and I have a feeling you are a fan of her writing and faith too! I can't knit fast enough to visit your shop more often but knitting is something I do most days and really enjoy. See you soon.