Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Knitt'n Nights

January has begun and that means we are back to a more normal schedule, including Knitt'n Nights.

Most yarn shops have a group that meets for social time, sometimes you can get some information about knitting or crochet, but it really is meant for an opportunity to meet with those who share your passion.

When Knitt'n Nights began here we had a few knitters who came, we made Mittens for charity and it was called "Knitt'n Mittens", the 'fee' for the group was to knit a pair of Mittens to raise funds for various charities in the area.  We raised over $200 through the sale of handknit mittens and the rest were donated to a Women's Shelter.

As the group grew and we accumulated more chairs, fitting everyone in meant that the shop was completely 'trashed'.  The new space offered a big space without destroying the space too much.

This year we began asking each person to bring a small donation to raise some funds for the Kiva Project.  Kiva is a lending organisation who funds entrepreneurs who would not normally qualify for a loan from the major banks.

We have raised $200 and with that we were able to support 2 businesses. 

As we raise more funds we will add to our portfolio!

I am a firm believer in helping people become independent, encouraging new businesses that will help not only them but their communities.

We have to make room today as Knitt'n Night is tonight!

The next one is in 2 weeks on January 21st!

See you soon!

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