Monday, January 26, 2015

Henry's Sweater

There are a couple of new little boys in the family!  
Good excuse to knit something.

Last fall I found some nice Cascade 220 quatro at one of the suppliers and decided that it was perfect for a Gramps sweater.  I have made this top down baby sweater before and found that pattern to be well written and easy to follow.  I did however make my own modifications.  I liked the blue green combination but felt that having the button bands and the ribbing in the solid blue was just too bold. 
After finishing the sweater I felt it needed pockets.   Using Elizabeth Zimmermans version of an after thought pocket I was able to add 2 tiny pockets.  (Warning the following photos may alarm some new knitters.)

The pockets were marked  and figured out which row on each side of the sweater was the correct place for the incision.
   I cut the stitch in the center of the row and carefulluly un-picked the knitting.  

This left me with 2 rows of live stitches.  12 on the bottom and 11 on the top.  (That's the engineering)   The 12 on the bottom would become the outside edge of the pocked.  The stitches were  picked up, knit one row and then cast off firmly.
The 11 stitches on the top became the pocket lining. adding a stitch on each end and worked a few rows to make a tiny blue flap.

Then wove in all the ends and stitched down the pocket lining.
The Farmer thinks I go to a lot of trouble sometimes!  

(there are copies at the shop and you can purchase a PDF version through Ravelry from the store as well)
12 - 18 months size.
Cascade 220 quatro super wash.
150 grams of the green, 40 grams of the blue.

The lighting at home was not a good example of the actual colour.

'Pat' models it very nicely.
This post was written a while back, but it had to wait until 'Henry' was given the gift!
See You Soon.

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