Saturday, November 2, 2013

Matchy Matchy

I finished the mashed potato socks in record time, 8 days!  I was able to get them to almost perfectly match.  I only had to pull out a few feet to get to the right place to start the second sock.  Thing is it doesn't really bother me when socks don't match. 

I was commenting to someone about the fact that it is rare that I get the designs to line up perfectly.  Then I started to look at the socks that I have made, turns out I really do manage to get them to match about 50% of the time!

These are Opal sock yarn, Vincent van Gogh series. 

 The rest are all discontinued yarns, some of these were made before the shop opened!

 I just noticed today that the socks match but my feet are different! 

On to the next project, we are off to the big City on Monday to look at the Spring 2014 line!

See You Soon.

1 comment:

Paula said...

Drives me crazy not to have socks match. If I can't do it, I use the yarn for someone else's socks :) That's why I could never use self-patterning on a big project like a sweater. I would drive myself crazy.