Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Learning opportunity!

The most common phrase heard in the shop: "I can knit but I don't know how to fix my mistakes!"

The only way to learn how to fix the mistake is to actually try, or find someone who will show you and then attempt it yourself.

We all make mistakes, I make a lot.  Most projects have at least one 'learning opportunity'. 

This shop sample was going along quite nicely until I realized that I had skipped a yarn over about 8 rows back.  I could have ripped back the 8 rows and re-knit them but why not try to make the repair and if it didn't work I could just rip back?
There should be 18 stitches after the marker!
 Dropped the stitch before the forgotten yarn over, created an extra stitch and used a crochet hook to re-knit the two stitches, it got a bit tricky to recreate the purl ridge.
Blocking will take care of the un-evenness.
The yarn is Cascade Casablanca, the pattern is Urban Lace Infinity Cowl. (A free pattern on the  Cascade website.)

For those of you that really know me will be surprised at my choice of pattern, I have this issue with the 'feather and fan' stitch pattern. It's not because it is difficult, it's actually very easy; it's that when I first worked in the Yarn Department at Rickaby's almost 30 years ago the most popular pattern in the shop was a feather and fan afghan made with 4 colours of worsted weight yarn.  5 balls of 1 colour, 4 of three others...

Perhaps if I continue to 'practice' this simple pattern the better I will feel about it!

See you soon!


Paula said...

Yep, I've had to do that a couple times with the aran sweater I'm working on. I hate ripping out lots of rows when I can just drop a couple stitches and fix them.

TracyKM said...

I have the same sort odpfmissue with the feather and fan! It reminfpds me of those afghans that were so popular (it seemed with just the "old" ladies). My ex's mother always seemed to be crocheting one. I like the sweater on the cover of Interweaves Lace book (green cardigan) so I hope some day to get over that f&f issue!