Sunday, January 20, 2013

Learning Opportunity

Progress on 'The Accidental' sweater is stalled.  I was happily knitting away at this last night and even had a chance to try it on!  Good new is that it is going to fit, bad news is that I messed up on the pattern,  I skipped a whole section of the lace portion of the pattern. 

After thinking for a few minutes. 
I knew I had three options:
1. Leave it alone, as the mistake actually happens on the whole body of the sweater and repeat the same 'mistake' on the sleeves.
2. Rip back all that nights knitting.
3. Carefully drop the stitches in the cable/lace section and re-knit the stitches in the correct pattern.

I knew that if I didn't fix the mistake I would not be happy with it and ripping back a whole evenings work without at least attempting the 3rd option seemed like a learning opportunity missed!

The pictures are not very clear, but you can see here how I had cabled a section that should actually have been more of the lace.

 I knit to each section and literally dropped the 13 stitches involved in the pattern back to the rows I had missed.  Using a double pointed needles just one size smaller than the rest of the knitting made re-knitting the stitches easier,  blocking will easily take care of any wonky stitches.

Here are the stitches re-knit in pattern.

They are not mistakes, they are learning opportunities.  I just wish I didn't have so many of them!

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