Sunday, January 13, 2013

An Accidental Sweater?

 It all started on Wednesday when I was closing for the day.  I shut down the computer when it told me not to turn it off because it was downloading 7 important updates.  (I like to turn off everything electrical in the shop overnight, except the front lights, the fridge and security system)  So I waited and waited.

Well, leaving me alone in the shop for any length of time is not a good thing.  I couldn't do anything on the computer, (obviously) I could continue to count stock, but I would just start something and then the downloads would finish, I certainly wasn't going to mop the floor.  I decided to take the Christmas trees out of the windows and re-arranged the display a bit. and still the computer was 'working'.   So I waited some more!

Then I remembered the book 'November Knits' and the lovely sweater pattern I had admired.  Then I remembered that extra bundle of Manos yarn I had ordered in hopes of making a sample for the shop.  (A sample that fit me!)  Would it work? I knew it would as I had done a test swatch with a bit of the same yarn at home earlier.  I just had to find the bundle. If the downloads hadn't made it near the end I was going to look.  I found the bundle in the bottom of the box.  I was tempted to wind a couple of skeins as the computer was still churning away.

The whole process took 40 minutes.  I was late for supper!

The pattern is lovely, top down with enough details to be interesting and easy to pickup and work on when I have a few minutes.  The yarn is lovely.  Manos del Uruguay is one of the few yarns that are truly 'fair trade'.
It is my goal this year to be more mindful about where my money ultimately ends up,  purchasing more Fair Trade items, more local products, maybe not all the time but even just one item a week.  It will make a difference in someones life.  

Also this year, more fresh flowers in the house!  These tulips were a gift and I am enjoying the colour and the smell of spring.

See you Soon.
It's a Knitt'n Night week, Wednesday January 16th.

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