Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It's been a bit crazy, life and shop.

Sunday, The Farmer* and I went to a Knitting Trade show. (His day off) Despite getting lost again, we found the place, I bought some really interesting yarns. Some cute stocking stuffer stuff, yup said those words, sorry. It was also nice to come face to face with people that I have only spoke with on the phone or through email.

I am madly trying to finish my current project so that I can work with some new yummy yarn.

I was supposed to finish staining the house yesterday but spent the day doing laundry and I actually got the vacuum out.

More tomorrow, maybe.

See you soon.

*Farmer, Many of you have commented on The Girl and The Boy references; I 'borrowed' them from Three Bags Full in Vancouver. I tried to find another term for Husband, Partner, Spouse and finally gave up and 'borrowed' again from Getting Stitched on the Farm as it best describes him**!

**Farmer: Vet, mechanic, accountant, plumber, carpenter, welder, mechanical engineer, truck driver, machinist, janitor, cat wrangler..... :)

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Paula said...

Can't wait to see the new stuff. I've got some guilt free yarn shopping to do -anniversary present from my Farmer. We'll see you on Friday.