Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How I spent my summer vacation!

Saturday night: Back into the shop to move a few things, discover a drip in the washroom. Call the landlord, we agree it was probably a tenant overflowing the sink or something.

Sunday: We started the staining the house, the ladder and I became quite a team. (Those years picking apples helped with the ladder moving skills.) I stained most of the underside of the roof and soffit areas, which meant dripping stain running down my arms. We gave up after Monday's marathon because we were both too sore and The Boy went back to work. We will finish the rest when the weather co-operates, the stain is still slightly sticky even after a week.
Tuesday and Wednesday I worked on Jumpers for Gather! They are done. I checked the shop daily for drips. Thursday I dropped The Girl off at a friends in Whitby and I headed into Toronto to pick up yarn. (More colours in Cascade 220 and Splash and a new scarf yarn) Checked the Shop and the ceiling had a big drip. Up the street to talk to the Landlord and we agreed it needed a call to the Plumber!
Friday (8:00 am) the Plumber came and did this to the ceiling. (At least the drip actually went right into my toilet..very considerate don't you think!)

Saturday morning, just before we were leaving, the Shop's alarm went off! The front door sensor decided it was tired and died.

After re-setting the alarm we moved The Boy into University.

Sunday I finished this:

Op Art from Knitty. A fun knit, took me a week. The picture is before blocking.
Monday, The Girl went back to school and work.
Today...I am tired!
I am glad to get back to a more normal schedule, what ever that is, but I miss my kids!

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Unknown said...

....haha. The Boy and The Girl.
Mine are Sprog 1 and Sprog 2..... oh and now Grandsprog until such a time as there are more. Then she will earn a number. Is it too early to hint at that, d'ya think?