Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am still on Holidays, what ever that is! Saturday evening I went back into the shop to move some mechandise off the floor near the 'leaky' area of the shop. There was a drip! Fortunately it was in the washroom, after the landlord checked with everyone upstairs, they had no idea where the water came from, it stopped. I have been in everyday since just to check on things.

We have about 80% of the house stained. I did most of the soffits and facia boards which meant moving the step ladder every 3 feet or so and then staining as much as I could reach and then move again. Yesterday I pleaded to The Husband: "Please don't make me stain today, I am way to sore (I can feel every muscle in my back) and it's too hot!' He agreed and we will attempt the rest when the weather cools. I have completely destroyed my hydrangea shrubs in the process, but I didn't put the ladder through the front window, almost though!

The Husband went to work, if we are home he feels guilty about leaving the chores. Yesterday he decided it was the day to clean-up in the Milk House, they washed stuff down, got rid of the garbage and just plain tidied everything. Well, it was like he knew the Inspector was coming. Sure enough about 1 pm the Inspector arrives with his list of things to check. He couldn't find anything wrong. They received a Class A rating! My Husband came home with the Report Card and he just couldn't stop beaming about the results.

Tomorrow we are off to get The Boy ready for University and then we move him in on Saturday. The Girl is home helping with gardens and doing some clean-up around her Nana's house and then she is back to school again too!

I've been knitting a sample for the shop. A very interesting pattern. Last night I ran out of yarn, imagine!

See You Soon.

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