Friday, June 5, 2009

A week!

Just noticed my last post was a week ago. I will call this adjustment week. My son went off on his big adventure.. so my husband and I are now 'child free' for the first time in 22 years! We have never been apart from our children for more than a couple of days. It took me 3 months to get used to our daughter going off to University. Simple things like getting only 2 plates out for supper can send me into a 'mood'. But this new freedom is quite nice, and the fact that when you take the teenage boy out of the grocery bill and the car insurance...there's way more money for yarn!

The son took a plane to Regina and when he landed he discovered that the expensive phone he signed a 3 year contract for would not work...dead, not even heavy enough to be a paper weight. So he arrived in a place a looooonnnggg way from home, without the means to say he arrived or to tell his new employer when he got to the arranged bus stop! For the past week we have been fighting with the said cell phone people and today we came to an agreement. Still meant that he had to go find another phone to use for the 6 months he is away...then its only good in Saskatchewan.

I will tell you more about his travels later...his dad is completely jealous about the job he has for the summer. (Think driving something that is the size of a house and most are priced about the average single family home.)

The shop has been quiet, but there is always something to do or knit. I am moving some yarn around and filling a basket of "odds and sods" for the sidewalk sale later this month.

I have been making fabric project bags and tote bags. (Pictures coming soon...batteries charging!) Or better yet, come and visit and check them out!

See you soon.

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