Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Self Employed

For the past 20 years or so I have been employed by a few local businesses, but mostly I qualify as labelling myself as being self employed. For the most part I have been at home sewing for a couple of places but mostly for my friend Karen and her store 'Gather', but lately I have been a very poor supplier as the shop has really taken over all of my spare time and energy.

Monday my husband and I spent a good portion of the day accumulating the things we needed to get our passports. On the information it requires that you put down your employement status. I proudly wrote 'shop owner'. It's nice to run your own business, but its scarey as well.

Also when you are self employed and the only employee its a challenge to get everything done during the days away from the shop. Some days I arrive at 9:30 only to have no one arrive to the shop until noon and then others I arrive at 10:02 and customers are waiting. Trust me on the days I arrive late its not because I have slept in or doddled on the couch too long. So bear with me as a juggle all of this.

The best part of not having any staff to pay, at this point is that instead of paying them I can use any funds I earn to purchase more inventory. Everytime you come there is always something new.

Although there is not much new into the store this week, just a couple of new Snuggly Dk colours I ordered some lovely yarns that will come in July.

Also note: The Shop will be closed for holidays from about June 29th till July 2nd. Not sure of the exact days but because July 1st is on a Wednesday, the shop will only be closed for a couple of regular days.

If you are making a special trip into Bowmanville, especially during the summer, its always best to phone ahead. (905-623-2336..the answering machine is always on)

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