Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday is for laundry?...not this week

Normally Monday's are my catch up with 'housework' days but not yesterday.

I travelled to the big T.O. to do some shopping, my kind of shopping. I normally dislike looking for specific things. I tend to like to shop for ideas for window displays and store design.

Yesterday I did some fun 'work' shopping, I know its rough but someone has to do the dirty work, it may as well be me. (Come to think of it I do all the work around here...)

First stop was a supplier in Mississauga, I ordered a little but I wasn't allowed to search the warehouse so I then went to a another supplier who happily let me wander the place for 2 hours. They have some extraordinary yarns that will probably never reach the shop, way out there in style in price but really 'cool'.

So this is the result. Now you are wondering why the big purchase? Most of this yarn is clearance yarn. Its been discontinued by the manufacturer so it means that I can offer it at a discount. Great deals for you and me!

This weekend is Downtown Bowmanville's Fabulous 50's Festival. Sidewalk sale on Thursday and Friday. Then on Saturday the main street is closed to vehicle traffic and there are all sorts of displays: Super Dog Demonstrations, Vintage Car show, DJ's playing 50's music and plenty of things to entertain both young and not so young! Parking is limited but there are spots around the town on the side streets.

It's also WWKIP day bring a lawn chair, a knitting project, sunscreen (it will be sunny) and refreshments. I also have a knitting activity planned to keep you occupied. Lots to do, not much time for knitting.

Today is Tuesday....a day to talk to the bank!


Gwen said...

That big ol' pile of yarns looks exceptionally yummy! And I'm looking forward to rummaging through at least some of it on Saturday!


Ann of Green Cables said...

Oh, I hope I can get to Bowmanville this weekend. I neeeeed a yarn fix baaaad!