Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is it Spring?

What a weird couple of days! The weather has certainly kept us all on our toes, or at least in our boots. We raked the leaves off our lawn on Sunday. It was warm and lovely and the past 2 days have been, wet, windy and nasty.

All of the gardeners and farmers are getting ready to get out there and do a bit of work. I will miss not working in the Greenhouse at Price's this year. It was a great way to get warmed up for spring.

Spring and summer knitting has arrived in the store. I chose only a few yarns for the summer, because our season is so short. The sample of the Daylily sweater finally arrived. (The camera is not in the store.)

I will entertain you with a few more of the entries to the Yarn Challenge: Gwen's 'lite brite' leg warmers and Cindy's crochet sunhat.

It's Easter weekend and the shop is closed on Friday, open on Saturday 10 - 5 and then closed on Sunday and Monday.

Have a safe and happy celebration this weekend!

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