Saturday, April 25, 2009


First thing: I re-read my last post and realized how funny the first line was "It's been a week 'last confession', watch too much 'Ballykissangel'.

Anyway, my biggest dilemma about the shop is when to have a 'sale'. I would like to surprise customers who come into the store with great yarn at a great price. Sometimes when I buy stuff I pass on the savings to you without making a big fuss. You will find on my shelves yarn that should be $11.95 a ball and I have it listed for $5.95. But I am running out of room, so its time to move some stuff. The computer program I use will tell me what is the bottom 30% of my sales. (It also tells me who my best customers are, and I will use that information to someday offer special thank-you's to those of you that are helping me in this adventure! :)

Today I looked at the list and found some interesting information. Starting next week I will be putting some of the stock at 30% off. It will only be bits and pieces but some very nice yarn. (and when its gone, its gone!)

This is the list for next week:

Mirasol Miski and Qina. (Reg $8.95 reduced to $6.25)

Miski is 100% Baby Llama,
Qina is 80% Baby Alpaca and 20% Bamboo.

Plus a few other surprises!
See you soon

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