Saturday, March 7, 2009

Spring Forward!

I was speaking with someone the other day and he reminded me that tonight we lose an hour, spring forward, I thought: "I don't have any hours to lose right now, things are rather chaotic." (Just like everyone else really)

It is looking more like Spring every day, the pure white snow on the fields has gone leaving a muddy coat in its place. Boots are still a required footwear as everything is now covered in a slick coat of muck. We a sure to get another wintry blast, but these warm days make us all hopeful for the sunny summer skies.

Summer cotton yarns are arriving, time to knit those summery things!

Just a reminder that the Challenge entries are due back March 14th, I have had a few arrive, the voting will be quite a challenge as well. You are such a creative bunch!

1 comment:

Ann of Green Cables said...

Oh...summer cottons...tempting me. I will be in soon.