Friday, March 27, 2009


What's a BSJ (Baby Surprise Jacket)? Those of you who are familiar with the amazing designs and inspiration of Elizabeth Zimmermann will already know about this ingenious pattern.
Elizabeth Zimmermann published this design in 1968, she created it one weekend! This jacket is made in one piece starting at the shoulders and sleeve edges and ending at the front band and bottom.
Those of you on Ravelry will know that there are 7015 projects posted on the site.
If you would like to take a class about this design, my friend Susan is willing to teach 4 - 6 of you on Thursdays starting mid April. (Thursdays 2 - 4 April 16, 23, 30, May 7th Cost $50.00 plus GST and yarn purchased at the shop.)
Contact the shop to reserve your chair! (If you would like to take a class and Thursday's don't fit your schedule, we will offer it again let us know your preferred date and time.)
Classes are a new thing, but I guess so is the store there is so much that we could do!
Check out these web sites for more inspiration and
Susan's BSJ was one of the entries in the yarn challenge. It is worth coming in an taking a look at the way she was able to incorporate all the colours into the design.
What's the last thing you would think a Yarn Shop owner would like as a gift? More Yarn? Nope, there is always room for more yarn! A friend did some yarn shopping on a trip and brought back a beautiful skein of hand dyed merino wool...something to knit for me! Thanks Gwen!

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