Sunday, August 26, 2018

Real Quick

It’s just about the end of August?

How did that happen.

So much happened during the summer and it will take al long time to tell you about everything.

There was Summerfest! The weather was perfect!

We had a Yarn Snob Sale, we don’t sell Yarn Snobs, but we create them?  

We went on road trips, I could knit!

Spending time with the Farmer includes visits to either barns or places with tractors, preferably the green kind!

Handmaiden produced another collection, this time featuring a bucket list of destinations. 

There were a couple of Knit alongs, this one is Jacinta knit with Koigu KPPM!

The Grandpuppy came to visit a few times, sometimes The Boy came too!

There was that one day we went to the beach!

Bluesberry Yarn Yard Sale gave some the opportunity to get rid of some stash and others were able to acquire some nice odds and bits.  Knitted Knockers of Canada will received just over $150 to go towards their expenses!

There was so much more and we will catch up!

Thanks for dropping by, see you soon! 

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