Tuesday, August 7, 2018


There is a pretty Fruitwood cabinet in the shop filled with Koigu KPPM.  I love this cupboard! I love using Koigu, I can’t really explain why? Is it the colours? Is it the beautiful base? Is it because it’s made by talented women, who raised sheep and are located in the middle of no where? If you love what you do and are prepared to work hard you can be successful where ever you are located.

I always love an excuse to use Koigu.

A new batch of the mini skeinettes arrived in April.  

The colours ispired this. 

Colourscape Cowl

April 21st was LYS day, Local Yarn Shop Day. We celebrated by having special clearance sale, draws for prizes and Koigu created a special colour just for the event.  The colour sold out very quickly, I didn’t get a chance to grab one for myself.

There is always a Koigu project in my WIP’s. 

Well that was in April, we will catch up with July and August next time!

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