Friday, February 19, 2016


At our house we like Clever things!

By clever I mean designs that are slightly 'out of the box'.  Or having the ability to create a solution to a problem by looking at it from all sides.  It's a handy trait to have if you are a Farmer, Mechanic or operate large marchinery.  (How can I fix this with a pair of plyers, a roll of tape and a stick?).  

There are knitting designers that are good at basic designs with standard shaping and predictable outcomes.  A basic cabled scarf, a basic top down sweater with cables.  Then there are designers that bend the rules and create new shapes and new ways of looking at design, you know them. (Stephen West, Martina Behm...)

When I saw that Yarn Harlot was knitting this clever design by Brist Ivy I knew I had to begin right away.
It took a bit for the pattern to gel, but once I got going it was an easy pattern.  Interesting enough to keep you going, but too involved to be mindless.  It got set aside to do other things and I finally finished it this week!

It's squishy and soft.  The yarn taught me one thing, when you are working on something that is as soft as the Misti Alpaca Qolla I used, you have to treat it nicely.  No shoving it into random bags unprotected.  When I grafted the two ends together the beginning looked very fuzzy against the newly finished end.  I think after wearing it a few times with even out the halo.

We like soft yarns, but they need care. 
Next up!  Yarn Challenge project, I enter too!  (but you can't vote for mine, I am disqualified!)
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