Friday, March 7, 2014

Yarn challenge 2014

Yarn Challenge 2014 was a great event.  We would like to thank the nice folk at Briggs & Little for their participation .
They were nice enough to send the Red and White yarn in a really cool burlap sack!

Sixteen projects were completed and they were all lovely.  Some choose an 'Olympic theme' others choose to Celebrate Canada and some just worked with the two colours.

Briggs & Little Regal has been around for a long time and yet many of the participants had never used this sturdy Canadian yarn.  Personally I own 2 sweaters made from this and they are the warmest ones I own.  I found that this last shipment of yarn is a bit softer than anything I have worked on previously.

When time permits I will post some pictures of the entries, including the winners!

Thanks to those who helped choose the winning entries by voting during the past week.  the Winners of the draw for the three Namaste wallets will be contacted this week.

If you can't wait to see the pictures, click on the Facebook tab and you can't see them there.  you don't have to join Facebook to see what we are doing!

Enjoy the warmish weather today, it might get over freezing today!

See you soon.

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