Saturday, March 22, 2014

A tale of two..

Regan is a lovely knitter; sometimes if I ask nicely she will make a sample for the shop.  One day we were looking through patterns and yarn and it was decided that she would make a sample using a relatively new yarn.  The label told us that the skein of Botany Lace contained 410 meters, we chose the pattern Henslow on Ravelry. (you can purchase the pattern through the shop) The pattern told us we needed 420 meters, close enough?

A few weeks later Regan returned , looking a bit worried, she told us we had a problem.  I expected some huge disaster, the yarn was flawed or the pattern was wrong or the needles broke.  Well, that pattern was right, it really needed 10 more yards, all that she need to finish was that last repeat of the applied border.  Regan even volunteered to rip,back all her work and start again, we considered a change in pattern to fudge the last bit of edging, but really the only solution is to use another skein.  

That meant we would have another 400 meters of leftover fingering weight yarn.  Surfing through Ravelry we found Clapo - ktus!  (its a free one!) 


 Two very different shawls from the same yarn, I really can't decide which I like better!

When I put them on it feels like summer!

See you Soon!

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