Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Appe Festival

This is one of my favourite Downtown events.

Bowmanville's Apple Festival and Craft Sale has been a popular event attracting people from all over the area;  not just visitors but vendors who scramble to get tables to show off their handmade merchandise.  The Downtown merchants use this event to either promote new lines or perhaps discount some of the previous years inventory.  We do a little of both!
An exciting addition to the event is a Food drive where we will fill James Printing and Signs huge trailer.  Let's see if we can fill it so full, that they will have trouble driving the trailer to the Food Bank!

We are accepting food and cash donations at the shop this week, if you bring in something or make a small donation you can fill in a ballot and enter a draw for a Namaste Messenger Bag.
The draw takes place on Saturday at 3 pm!

Visit us this week at we are marking down the clearance yarn and have new Classes posted for November!

See you Soon!

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