Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Sakura is a new yarn from Estelle.  This cotton, silk and acrylic blend is just right for summery projects.  Aran/worsted weight yarn knits up quickly and with its long colour runs it rivals any Noro like yarn. There are currently 4 colours in the shop and at $13 for 100 grams its very affordable.

After a couple of false starts I settled on a free pattern on Ravelry called Shizuku by Angela Tong.
Working on it over the weekend I realized that I had left the digital scale at the shop and therefore I was not completely sure about the amount of yarn I had knit.  The shawl/scarf pattern is one of those that allows you to knit 1/2 of the yarn in by increasing stitches and then the rest of the project is done with decreases.  

Knowing that the yardage was similar to Noro Kureyon I followed the pattern and stopped knitting at 32 stitches.  I weighed the remaining yarn when I returned on Tuesday...51 of the 100 grams remained!

Also in the finished pile is a reversible hat for a friend, I hope she likes it.

I am enjoying the Roses that arrived at our home on Valentine's Day.  The Farmer picked them up from our friend Richard, who is a commercial rose grower in Clarington! 

If you ask, I will tell you the whole story about the Roses!

Only a couple of Yarn Challenge Kits remain!  Claim yours soon.

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