Monday, April 9, 2012

Monday's are for Blocking and Washing.

Today was blocking and washing day!
 First into the tub was my new favourite sweater, Peasy, a well written pattern with yarn that was just too precious not use.  (More about the sweater later when its dry!)

Next up were two of my winter scarves, yes I am putting them away.  Not because I know its Spring, but I have others and there will still  be cool days, see me not tempting fate?

Last week I actually began my wool washing and asked The Farmer if he would make some sweater dryers out of window screen.  I walked through to the laundry room only to pass by 2 window screens from our big sun room windows. Gave them a wipe and presto, I have 2 'scarf' dryers.
 One fits beautifully on top of the washer and dryer. Note the alternate use for empty Eucalan bottles.

The other rests nicely on the freezer.  (I didn't re-block this little alpaca shawl, I probably should but most of the time it's just inside my coat...stuffed in a sleeve. So I opted for 'drying' flat.)

Washing woollies with the new 'Soak' and 'Eucalan' no rinse wash it's just a matter of letting them soak for a few minutes and squeezing out the extra water and drying flat.

or do this:

This Week:

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