Friday, March 16, 2012


What a week!

 Monday was spent doing catch up things, the dentist, the accountant and errands.  Monday evening I was asked to speak at the Maple Grove Women's Institute meeting.  I yakked for too long but came home with a lovely pot of Shamrocks, I am enjoying their lovely blooms.

Tuesday we received two big shipments of yarn, (who ordered all this?)

Wednesday was Knitt'n Night, they are always fun!  Some brought show and tell.  Barb decided that the 'Frogging" night was such a success she would bring something to rip back as the rest knit.

Suzanne's blanket..getting closer to being finished!
"198 Yards of Heaven" made by Frances.
Thursday more yarn, Moda Lame and Moda are back into stock.  The selection of Ruffled yarn is very full, just don't ask for anything Red or Purple!  One supplier sent some new sock yarn, the colourways are delightful. We filled up the Cascade 220, I didn't know that we stocked 66 colours!

Friday, no new shipments but the clearance area continues to be replenished as yarns make their way out of the shop.  Newly added is Peruvia Quick, Click Aran  and some sock yarn.  (You know that sock yarn doesn't count as stash!)

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day...enjoy!

See You Soon.

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