Saturday, March 3, 2012


Wednesday was Leap Year, Leap Frog, Frog Knitt'n Night!
Gwen's slightly off gauge Buttercup
Ready for a second chance!

A Lace project gone wrong.
 We learned that putting a beaded project into a large bowl to frog meant most of the beads landed in the bowl!

Nancy's Green Sweater, this is its second time in the frog pile!

The idea made sense but...all done except the cast off..its now going to be a  scarf!

We had a great time ripping back, we will do this again!  Very therapeutic!

March will be a busy month, Yarn Challenge competitors are madly working on their projects.  Next week..starting Wednesday, the sale stuff comes out of hiding.  March Madness begins!

See You Soon!

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