Saturday, December 17, 2011

It's Beginning!

There is a week left before, well you know, and there is a little skiff of snow on the ground this morning! Okay I should really think about getting this Christmas stuff organized.

Some of you have wondered about extra hours this week, I would love some! I have chosen to use the "by appointment" option for those that want to shop after hours. I have things to do too! I am in the store almost every hour it is open,  being open more leaves me less time for the other stuff. I hope you understand.  It's been a hectic year. (This week I learned about all the things you need to do when a cheque gets stolen and you need to recover the funds!)

This week we had a couple of shipments arrive. The new Stargazer from Estelle and
City Lights from Diamond Yarn.

The Ruffle yarn selection has been just about depleted and it is unlikely that we will see any more until after Christmas and New Year's Holiday Celebrations are complete.

You still have time to knit something for a gift and if you are done then there is a good selection of yarn and patterns to keep you busy this holiday season.

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