Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's about the giving!

This note came to yarn shops around the Country from one of our major suppliers:

Usually at this time of year we mail out little presents to all of you to show our appreciation.
This year we are donating the money to Oxfam.
So instead of receiving a pen from us you are giving 20 chickens, 15 goats and 10 donkeys to needy families around the world.
Have a good one!

It adds up to a pretty big donation, when you shopped in an independent yarn shop you contributed to this donation!  Thank You.

There are only a couple of days left until your Christmas knitting is done!  What's your next project?

See you Soon.


Geri said...

I have a couple more Julekuler (knitted Christmas balls) to knit before Christmas. Then will cast on a comfort shawl (Every Way Wrap) for a friend whose husband just died. I will knit Evelyn A. Clark's Angel Lace shawl for another friend, finish a second sock, cast on a sock of my own design, cast on a lace and cable cardigan for myself and knit a couple of ribbed moebius scarves of my own design. I have a few other things on my 'inspiration' list but will get some of the above projects finished first.

Anonymous said...

Oxfam, just what I was looking for! The family in Wisc now has a foreign chicken with their name on it, and one chicken serves 4 lol
Merry Christmas and a lovely prosperous and healthy New Year!