Friday, October 29, 2010



Tonight is Mitten club night, I am here till late. Instead of doing errands I am staying in and attempting to create order out of chaos. I would show you pictures, but we are having camera issues. (Perhaps that's a good thing, because it really is chaotic in here.)

Boxes of yarn arrived:

Northern Worsted, 100 grams, 100% acrylic loads of colours.

Marble Chunky, there always is an order of Marble Chunky!

Mille colori from Lang yarns a few new colours, remember the multi directional scarf?

New sock yarn from Cascade, very nice!

and new Buttons, I love buttons and these are very nice. You can buy them one at a time! (I just haven't figured out how to display them yet.)

There's work to do!

See you soon.

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