Friday, October 22, 2010


Alice's Lace Thing

Alice is one of my favourite customers. She has been a pretty regular knitter and her visits are always welcome.

Every once in awhile she wants to try a new thing. Her sister was visiting and asked if she would knit a shawl for her, we checked out the patterns and came up with Angel Lace Shawl from Fiber Trends. It took a little while for the pattern to gel but once she got going there was no stopping her! Alice's sister wanted a big shawl. Big shawls require a big space to block them. I volunteered the table in the shop. Wednesday she arrived with a damp shawl ready for pinning.

It's in the mail today. (Someone said 'She must really love her sister to do a shawl in black wool!)

A couple of orders, a few things put into the sale bin.

Time to think about changing the windows,

See you Soon.


Paula said...

Beautiful shawl. I actually don't find black lace any harder to knit than coloured. It can be forgiving of little mistakes too.

Next time I'm down I need to check out some wool (washable) for making the February Lady Sweater. I've made one already and want to make more :)

Andrea said...

I really like this shawl. The pattern is very pretty.

Soper Creek Yarn said...

Hi Andrea! (Andrea lives farther away than Paula!)

The pattern is very simple and its easy to make it bigger or smaller.

ellen skinner said...

you are a marvel: black AND lace!
I'm coming for a visit - how are Thursday afternoons for you? You pick the date and i'll do my best to get there!
Hope you and the boy and the girl and the man are good!