Friday, May 15, 2009

Knitting Videos?

How much fun can it be to watch someone knitting....a lot. Lucy Neatby from Nova Scotia is famous for her wonderful knitting and her great videos. I currently have 13 titles in stock. With titles like: Intarsia Untangled and Finesse your Knitting, these videos are designed to improve and refresh your knitting skills.

At $29.00 each they pack a lot of information for a very reasonable price. If you aren't sure, we have come to an arrangement, that won't break any copyright rules (Lucy's videos, Lucy's rules). You can purchase the video for the full price and then if you return it within 5 days I will refund $24.57 +taxes, the remaining $5.00 is for 'rental' of the video. (After 5 days the video is yours to keep!) The best part is that each time the video is returned (in good condition) the price goes down $3.00 to the next customer. If you are the 5th person to take the video home you could purchase it for $15.00!

For those on high will enjoy this "The Last Knit"

It looks like the long weekend may be rainy...good day to snuggly up with a good video ;)

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