Friday, February 27, 2015

Playing with colours

Helen and I had a discussion about Liberty Wool.

It drives Helen crazy!

These are her reasons:

1.The tiny balls are in a form we call 'donuts'. They are difficult to display, the tiniest shift in the display means that the whole bin collapses and they are on the floor.

2. Every 'donut' is a different colour, even in the same colour number. Each colour way has it's own pallette of colours, many of the colour ways contain the same colours?

3. We have a lot of colours.

4. It's a little more expensive than many of the yarns in the shop.

I love it.  It is a super wash, light worsted and incredibly soft.
We re-cycled a sock yarn display to help Helen keep the display tidy.

Every once in a while there are a couple of odd balls floating around, I decided to collect them and create a project. 

I looked at a couple of the mitered square blankets on Ravelry, but wasn't inspired by the construction or design.  

Then I tried the 10 stitch blanket, it's unique construction would be a nice challenge but after a few hours knitting it wasn't working for me.

Back to the mitered square idea. I created a slightly larger square, using the decreases described in the mitered square blanket I have made before.   I am joining the squares as I go by picking up stitches and casting on as needed to created rows or fill in spaces. 

 A square can be completed in a couple of hours, each square will be completely different.

I am promising myself that I will not become too obsessed about how the colours and squares match as I add them! (I know I will!)

It's a bit like painting with yarn!

It may take a while to finish, but there is never a deadline with something like this!

See you soon!

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Paula said...

Oooh, I'll have to look at those next weekend.

That looks like the pattern I'm using for Ella's afghan. It's why I'm always looking for DK when I'm down. I'm almost finished (double bed)!