Thursday, June 26, 2014

Taking a break!

Summer is here! Finally!  We have waited a long time for this.

It also means that many of you are off on a vacation from your Knitting or Crochet.  Days at the shop are quieter, its nice to have a slower season to take time to catch up.  Like you Knitting doesn't take up as much of my free time, there is a bit of Gardening to do and time to enjoy the outdoors.

July is holiday time for 'The Farmer' and I.  We haven't planned anything just yet, even though we live  in the same house we haven't had much time to figure out our schedules.  (He was off doing Hay one night until just after 11 pm..a 17 hour day!)

This weekend is the first long weekend of the Summer so I have added an extra day for me!  The shop will be closed for 4 whole days!  What do I have planned?

Well I think I might do something with this:

The shop is closed Tuesday July 1st and Wednesday July 2nd!

Have a Safe and Happy Canada Day!

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